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"Things do not have to change the world to be important"

Barnes Purchasing Solutions provides 
real value by working directly with you.  I am committed to provide services that are designed to meet the clients unique needs and expectations".   David Barnes  

Barnes Purchasing Solutions Services

How Barnes Purchasing Solutions can be a Resource for You

Barnes Purchasing Solutions is committed to provide the best solutions for supply chain that will drive efficiency up and costs down. Our expertise is with Strategic Sourcing and Inventory Control.

Supply Chain should be simple; you plan, you research, you buy, you get what you ordered, you receive product when needed, and you get a better price than anyone else. Anyone who has purchased materials knows this is how it should be, but in reality supply chain takes time and effort and the right support to get it right.  Barnes Purchasing Solutions was developed to help any business that needs support for finding products, for locating the right suppliers and for developing the right process to make supply chain cost effective.

The 4 Questions Barnes Purchasing Solutions can answer:

1) Where can we buy this item and get the price/quality/delivery we need?
2) What supplier can we purchase from that will benefit us the most?
3) How can we reduce our purchasing spend and Inventory costs?
4) Our we spending too much for material we have in inventory and for projects? 

Advisor Solutions is a service that is designed to be personal.  Our commitment is a partnership where all of our resources are available to the customer.  This includes; our Subject Matter Expert, our Process Templates, our Database with an array of Key Performance Indicator tools, and specialized Training for your staff. This service is for any business that needs to improve Process, People and Technology regarding   Purchasing and Inventory Control. 

Strategic Sourcing is the core foundation for our Contract Sourcing Agent and Comparative Price Analysis services.  Our Supplier Database has 3000 plus vendors that supply goods and services to the Construction Industry , Manufacturing, Machine Shops, and Health Care Industry.  Our goal is to be a reliable resource to source material and services at the best price, best quality, best delivery, and most of all at the best overall value back to the customer.  Our goal is to be the reliable resource for sourcing goods or services that save customers time, and most of all save money regarding their purchases.

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